Medway Toilet Base Risers

The Medway Easy Standard Toilet Riser raises your existing toilet by 4 inches making it easier to transition on and off for those with mobility issues. It raises your toilet from the base for a more stable and sturdy toilet. Unlike traditional toilet “seat” risers – the Medway toilet riser has no moving parts. Traditional toilet seat risers are placed on top of the toilet bowl, resulting in an unsteady and wobbly seat – THAT IS UNSAFE. Shakey toilet-seat-risers can be unsafe particularly for wheelchair, pregnant women, and bariatric patients, attempting to transfer on or off of the toilet. Toilet-seat-risers lack the comparative stability of a Medway toilet base riser.

Higher Toilets for Seniors

As people age, they find it harder to sit and return to the standing position from low seats. Designed for greater accessiblity, the Medway Easy Toilet Riser offers people with arthritis or other mobility conditions, a high rise toilet for safer transitions on and off of a toilet. Developed by home healthcare experts, these high toilets provide a safer and more sanitary solution for people with limited mobility. Toilet seat risers are difficult to clean and keep sanitary. Elevating from the commode base is more secure and hygienic. The Medway Toilet Easy Riser is easy to clean and requires no maintenance.

Upgrade Instead of Replacing

Due to unsafe and unsanitary toilet-seat-risers, many people choose to replace their existing toilets. New high toilets or comfort height toilets with increased height, can be very expensive. The Medway Easy Toilet Riser is an affordable solution to get the elevation you need without spending a lot of money. In addition to being affordable, the Medway Easy Toilet Riser is more discreet. The elevated toilet base blends with the toilet to create the illusion of one continuous toilet. If your toilet is a different color, or you want to add a splash of color to the toilet area, you can paint our Easy Toilet Risers with Krylon Fusion or Rustoleum Plastic spray paint. Additionally, a more durable finish is to use Rekhaoil PVC dyes to dye the riser to a color of your choosing. Rising from the base instead of the bowl is also less noticeable to guests and less likely to confuse or scare children.

Construction and Compatibility

This Medway Easy Toilet Riser is unashamedly made from a high-quality glossy durable PCV or ABS plastic and is easy to install. If the Medway Easy Toilet Riser needs to be removed for any reason, it is easy to uninstall for storage or transport. All the bolts, wax rings, and waterline needed for installation come with the base for a complete package. Most round or elongated toilets will fit just fine on the standard toilet riser base. However, if it is a newer or larger base toilet, the Biggie XL model may be a better option. It is compatible with American Standard Boulevard & Antiquity series, Bancroft series, Crane Titan series, Eljer Titan Pro series, Kohler Cimaron series, Rialto series, and more.