The 2 inch Medway Toilet Riser

Medway Easy Toilet risers are not just for the elderly. There are a number of reasons why younger people yearn for a higher toilet. Pregnancy, Knee replacement, and hip replacement are among just a few reasons.

The 2 inch toilet riser was initially created for wheelchair transitioning. We have found a market for women that are shorter in stature and the traditional 3 inch, 3.5 inch, and 4 inch risers in the market place tend to just be too tall. If you are 5 feet 8 inches or shorter you may want to see if a 2 inch riser is right for you.

For women in their last trimester of pregnancy getting up and down from a seated position can be a challenge. There is a risk to harming your child is not sitting down and standing up properly – and falls can result from this. Play it safe and get out 2 inch riser today!


Our Medway Toilet Risers are strong and will never rot, corrode, or yellow. Install it and forget it. A properly installed toilet riser will last the life of the toilet. We offer a lifetime guarantee for normal use because our product is designed so well.

Unlike our competitors – our product is injection molded as a single piece – where you have to assemble our competitor’s product. We’ve asked professional plumbers to test both the Toilevator and the Medway Easy Toilet Riser. They overwhelmingly like Medway products due to its fewer parts and easier installation.

Designed for the Wheelchair

Regular height toilets are too low for an easy wheelchair transition. Toilet-seat-risers are too unstable to be safe for wheelchair applications. Toilevator products are 3.5 inches tall and they make standard toilets too tall for those confined to a wheelchair.

Working with home healthcare professionals we modified our standard product offerings and have been able to work with many in the disabled community to make certain we have the design right. We get letters every day from customers that were unhappy with their Toilevator product because it was just too tall.

Construction and Compatibility

This Medway Easy Toilet Riser is unashamedly made from a high-quality glossy durable PCV or ABS plastic and is easy to install. If the Medway Easy Toilet Riser needs to be removed for any reason, it is easy to uninstall for storage or transport. All the bolts, wax rings, and waterline needed for installation come with the base for a complete package. Most round or elongated toilets will fit just fine on the standard toilet riser base. However, if it is a newer or larger base toilet, the Biggie XL model may be a better option. It is compatible with American Standard Boulevard & Antiquity series, Bancroft series, Crane Titan series, Eljer Titan Pro series, Kohler Cimaron series, Rialto series, and more.