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Lifetime Warranty / Returns


Our return policy:

Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns for products that have been installed. There are pathogens that are involved in installing our product to a toilet’s waste stack and we do not want to spread any type of diseases across state lines.

If you have ordered the product and opened the box and realize it will not fit or you don’t like the color before you tried to install your toilet riser we can accept the toilet riser back.

We have a lifetime warranty on materials from breakage or failure during normal use. We are proud to say that our product is so well constructed we have yet to have one request to replace a product that has failed during normal use.

If you want to return a product that you have not installed please fill out the form below. If you ordered the right product but we sent the wrong product – rest assured you will not pay anything for our mistake. If you ordered the wrong product we will gladly take the product back but will charge you for shipping and a 20% restocking fee.

If you want credit for a defective product please fill out the form and call our 1-(800)-817-3118 number. Please send any pictures of the failure to

All returns are to be sent to our warehouse and manufacturing facility:

Medway Corporation
9599 Apple Creek Road
Fredericksburg, OH 44627