A: The 14 inch toilet riser fits most standard toilets, but you do need to measure from the bolts to the front of the base and that measurement needs to be 14 inches or less. The 19 inch toilet riser fits toilets that have a measurement greater than 14 inches but less than 19 inches.

A: It depends on the size of the base. Between our 14″ toilet riser and our 19″ toilet riser we cover most toilet sizes. You need to measure from the bolts to the front of the base, if that is 14 inches or less the Medway 14 inch Toilet Riser will suffice. If the measurement is greater than 14 inches and less than 19 inches then the Medway 19 inch Toilet Riser will work. Some elongated toilets have a longer base but many do not, there are so many different toilets in the marketplace that the only sure way to guarantee the Medway Toilet Riser will work for you is to measure the base of your toilet.

A: Any Handyman can install the Easy Toilet Riser. Everything you need comes with the kit including: Two wax rings, a water supply line, 2 brass bolts and the riser.

Installation instructions

A: The Medway Toilet Riser is molded from PVC resin into a rigid, single piece, PVC toilet riser with no plumbing joints that can fail. The cylinder within the toilet riser that goes to the waste line is integrally molded into the riser and, when installed properly, will never leak.

A: Unfortunately the Medway Toilet Riser is a non-returnable item. We will replace the toilet riser if defective, but due to the nature of the product, it is not returnable.

A: At this time our toilet riser only comes in white. But hey, white is a great color! Great news for designers though, our toilet riser can be painted, epoxy coated, or dyed using a PVC solvent dye. Because there are so many types of paint, epoxy coatings, and PVC solvent dyes we recommend you consult a local paint, coatings, or dye professional for proper product applications and recommendations.

A: Our toilet riser is made out of PVC and can be painted or epoxy coated to match your decor. We urge you to check with a paint and coatings professional for the correct paint or epoxy coating for the job. Additionally, PVC can be dyed a solid color which leaves a very durable finish.


Standard 4″ Height 14″ Riser

4″ Height x 23 1/4″ Long x 13 1/4″ Width

Special 2″ Height 14″ Riser

2″ Height x 23 1/4″ Long x 13 1/4″ Width

Standard 4″ Height 19″ Riser

4 1/4″ Height x 29 1/4″ Long x 13 3/4″ Width

Special 2″ Height 19″ Riser

2 1/4″ Height x 29 1/4″ Long x 13 3/4″ Width