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I bought one of these for my mom who suffered from Parkinson’s Disease. It was of great assistance to her. The staff at Medway Toilet Riser was fantastic and so helpful!!


The Benefits of the Medway Toilet Riser System

Medway Toilet Riser Systems are consistently rated the best Toilet Risers by caregivers!


Install once and forget

The Medway Toilet Riser System preserves the original functionality of the toilet.

Traditional toilet seat risers are a pain in the butt! They need to be constantly cleaned and detached and reattached for visitors. They are a sanitary hazard and can help spread pathogens.

Rather than wondering if small children are going to be confused when using your bathroom, with a raised seat; a Medway toilet base riser preserves the original functionality of your toilet. Nothing new or scary when guests use your bathroom. The Medway Toilet Riser System blends in.


Built for a lifetime

The Medway Toilet Riser System is made of high-strength PVC.

The Medway Toilet Riser System is made to support over 800lbs making it the strongest riser on the market. It is unashamedly made of commercial grade PVC. The same type of PVC the plumbing in your house is made of.

Unlike traditional toilet seat risers that normally need to be replaced at least every 12 months for sanitary reasons; the Medway toilet riser never needs to be replaced. Additionally, the Medway Toilet Riser systems has no moving parts to wear or break so it really will last for a lifetime.


Transition from old to new

Many times the base of your old toilet is larger than your new toilet

When you are installing a newer toilet with a smaller base than your older toilet many people face a dilemma. The floor covering under where the old toilet is may not have aged like the surrounding floor and may be gross. Many times you are left with a ghost outline of your old toilet.

Rather than replace the whole floor in your bathroom costing thousands; the Medway Toilet Riser System covers where your old toilet used to sit, hiding that embarassing  ghost outline.

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What Some of Our Customers Are Saying

I think that the Toilet Riser is a great idea – Especially so that those of us who need them don’t have to have a bathroom that is “just make shift” and remind us even more how our lives have changed because of our disability.

Marjory, Amazon Customer

So happy with this purchase. My daughter needed a safer situation than the tippy seat riser when we realized that this was a long term/permanent situation. Installing this was way less tramatic than my husband thought . Give dignity back whenever possible.

Kelly Imlay, Amazon Customer

This is good because you can clean your toilet the regular way vs the old stinky raised toilet seat. Hubby did installation after watching a youtube on it. 

Bob Maruski, Amazon customer

My husband is 6ft 4in tall and I looked everywhere for something to help him use the bathroom. The toilet riser did bring the toilet up enough for him so he no longer has hip and knee issues. 

Alice Bower, Amazon Customer

Get Your Toilet Riser Today

Originally $150 Now on sale for less than $100!

Secure Payment

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